Poetry that joys the heart,
and makes a man think astart..

Friday, December 23, 2011

Smiles Deep Asleep

My heart why not have you learned,
That the hearts have stones turned.
They carry wooden faces; bare.
Enslaved by worldly ways they fail to care.
Their expert eyes no longer weep,
Their smiles are unconscious; deep asleep.


Anonymous said...





deadpoet said...

Who be a king, who be a sage,
What be courtesy and what be rage.
They all just differ by name,
When i refuse to change; they be all the same.

Anonymous said...

some people like leave it i dont want to mention their names say that i someone helps you out then hes dominating his educative heights over you.......... s it corect

deadpoet said...

He who thinks that he can teach someone is in a deeper state of ignorance than whom he wishes to teach..

The ultimate teacher is one's own self, until 'the self' is opposed to learning, all wisdom is null.

And always remember a wise man has his own mind to take note of the good and the bad.

It is you who will have to ask yourself and decide, what benefits you and what harms you, as a whole.

We all live as vulnerable forces to the external world..but some of us decide to have our own path to walk by...while others continue with what they are told or what they are provided.

A man who walks slow, may point out a finger at the man who walks fast, and in the same manner, a man who walks fast, may point out a finger at the man who walks slow.

We are selfish souls who advocate things that benefit us, forgetting that what benefits us might not benefit others.

For anyone, the world becomes how he wants to see it..

Best regards,
Dead Poet.

Anonymous said...

the thorns of weakness in not the minds but in the souls of those weak minds pinching them not to allow to EXPLORE the real them ,but commence them to explore the bubble of respect and image around them and when it bursts it results in the shedding of tears and a far cry a silly thought by me hmmmmmmmmm........ still anonymous for all but not for you

Anonymous said...

wind came to me and said its time to change , i told it you came to change the world but you cant change me because i am prepared even for the storm of change...............................

Grandma Josian Church said...

One of the prettiest poems I have ever heard in my life. You see, I am a poet myself. Maybe a little advice..? I don't really think I'm that bad.
~Leanne Larson

deadpoet said...

Thanks a lot for devoting time in reading of the verse Leanne Larson.
No poet is bad or good, a poet who writes by heart speaks of divinity. That is all.

Dead Poet.

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