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and makes a man think astart..

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Will you be My Valentine (Written in 2007)

Will you be My Valentine

Love to seek at places near or far,
A stranger to trust with a lovely heart.
I walk far the desert storms escaping all of the sand that burns,
I refuse to tremble and shiver even across the Arctic churns.

Like for a tree amidst the greenery absconding,
And a dune hard made of sand amidst twigs bonding.
For that special one chasing different of shadows,
I walk searching far and across; the oceans full of joy and sorrows.

All seasons summer , winter , rainy or spring,
I yearn to fly all skies free and sing.
Love, love, my love where are you,
I am all alone as yet, for a life small and of years very few

And I hope for a star to fall,
So that I may wish and make a call.
Before the end of this dream of mine,
May I get you as My Valentine.

You are my ever longing shine,
Will you be My valentine ??

                                                                                          - Written in 2007