Poetry that joys the heart,
and makes a man think astart..

Sunday, April 15, 2012

To the beautiful voices that silence keep; never sing.

A thought came today and turned into a rhyme,
For long it may have wandered alone and traveled time.
Who knows? In how many minds, and how many times; it had come before.
To father of the father, and his father, and, fathers of yore.
A thousand times unwritten, and born as dead,
Before I caught this passing thought; passing from my head.
I took my magic wand and turned it a timeless thing,
That would live in a dying world and still virtue bring;
To many beautiful voices that silence keep; and never sing.


vinny said...

Beautiful flow of rhyme!

the beautiful voices that never sing..actually write amazing poems! thanks for sharing this...

deadpoet said...

Thanks for devoting time in reading of the blog oldfox...

A fox can never be old :)

Dead Poet.

Marina Marangos said...

HI Good to find you and lovely words

deadpoet said...

Thanks a lot Marina.

Dead Poet.

Unknown said...

just amazing...

deadpoet said...

Thanks Chandani.

Dead Poet.

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