Poetry that joys the heart,
and makes a man think astart..

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Truth

As the Truth begins to mumble,
The world then starts to tumble.
For all else not to be known,
The man would soon disown.
He opens the eyes,
To all his lies.
Which no longer stay,
As the Truth makes its way.
That sought is inside guised
And the self is thus realised.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


She was like a carefree breeze,
At once she would heartily appease;
Dancing by the trees.
And sometimes she would ride on thunder,
A free force and wild in her wonder.
As the petrichor down under;
Such she would please.
She was like a carefree breeze..

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

To the Mountain

To the Mountain

This once
I drench myself in the innocuous rain,
And my memory runs,
After years again,
That the free child grew into a confined man,
All along tied by an invisible chain,
Though he tried and ran,
But all in vain,
Until he drenched again, 
And danced in the rain.
Until once again,
He came back to the Mountain.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Fighting the vices within me always silenced the voices outside.

O world! When do you understand,
The lies of the lords wearing the fallen robes.
The spell is so conjured from the dais where they stand,
It is a scheme of rule; injected through the weakest mobs and stages grand.

 "Fighting the vices within me always silenced the voices outside."

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Will you be My Valentine (Written in 2007)

Will you be My Valentine

Love to seek at places near or far,
A stranger to trust with a lovely heart.
I walk far the desert storms escaping all of the sand that burns,
I refuse to tremble and shiver even across the Arctic churns.

Like for a tree amidst the greenery absconding,
And a dune hard made of sand amidst twigs bonding.
For that special one chasing different of shadows,
I walk searching far and across; the oceans full of joy and sorrows.

All seasons summer , winter , rainy or spring,
I yearn to fly all skies free and sing.
Love, love, my love where are you,
I am all alone as yet, for a life small and of years very few

And I hope for a star to fall,
So that I may wish and make a call.
Before the end of this dream of mine,
May I get you as My Valentine.

You are my ever longing shine,
Will you be My valentine ??

                                                                                          - Written in 2007

Friday, August 22, 2014

So Far So Beautiful...

Like a pristine river renders in a white innocuous stream,
She moves in grace;as an unreal beauty of a dream.
So far so beautiful; she makes her lovers swoon.
And an enigma preserves her wonder, as clouds cover the moon.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Tree And The Wood Cutter

Tiny particles of sand, they would rise and fall;
by the passage of wind, summoned to the nature's call.
That turned one to cut the wood, and the other to give his all.
Both unaware at the birth of what they could become,
One lost to the whims of life, the other to life's way had come.

The wood cutter fell the trees; drawing axe and life,
No numbers of wood cut his agony, but grew his strife.
While the tree stood tall on purpose and fruits bade,
Severe to the shades of life, it prospered with its shade.
The tree and the wood cutter, thus of same tiny particles were made.

In belief one roamed and razed, tempted to the bait,
While the tree fixed to its faith, it served to sate.
The wood cutter crossed this wood too often, but this once his hunger rose best in time,
Lured all over by a tree, that blossomed; too in prime.

He took a decision to fell the tree, and the axe was drawn,
Of all decided in life, this at best moment was born;
destined. To make him aware of the plan,
A mellow voice appeared and spoke to the man.

“O man! thy greedy sins spread the sorrows afar
and incite the devout order, that afraid to war.
So cease the march to untimely doom and peace make,
before you anger it more, O man! come awake.

The bemused man was shaken and bothered in fear,
He kneeled before the tree, thus fell near.
Of guilts borne throughout the life, he pondered deep,
And on learning of the evils done, the woodcutter began to weep.

Conscious of the self and truth, he spoke to the tree,
"O silent bearer of fruitful virtues , thou so blessed be.
O humble tree, the eternal learner of the noble pursuits,
Unaffected to the numbing cold and torrid heat, steadfast to thy roots,
The quiet leader of selfless service, the great sage standing still,
thou embrace the blows of my greed, unyielding on the sacrificing will.
i tread onto greed, thou stand unmoved to the seed
And timely bloom in health and harmony, happily commanding over thy need
fecund, with fruits and wisdom, the inspirer whom upon i feed.
I abhor now the glories and greatness, the greed and gain
What beauty be that dies; no worthy and in vain.
It shines true when shared with all, however hard and plain,
I shall begin now, let us all unchain, let us all unchain."

Friday, August 09, 2013

If There Were To Be A Man..

If there were to be a man,
Joyful as a child. as he had been.
And play where he can;
With dirt and yet be clean.
Be it shade or sun,
He would smile and cry,
And soon forget and run.
His heart would never die,
And play Without Stopping By.
If there were to be a man,
Who would play without a plan,
And play where he can..

Sunday, April 15, 2012

To the beautiful voices that silence keep; never sing.

A thought came today and turned into a rhyme,
For long it may have wandered alone and traveled time.
Who knows? In how many minds, and how many times; it had come before.
To father of the father, and his father, and, fathers of yore.
A thousand times unwritten, and born as dead,
Before I caught this passing thought; passing from my head.
I took my magic wand and turned it a timeless thing,
That would live in a dying world and still virtue bring;
To many beautiful voices that silence keep; and never sing.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Smiles Deep Asleep

My heart why not have you learned,
That the hearts have stones turned.
They carry wooden faces; bare.
Enslaved by worldly ways they fail to care.
Their expert eyes no longer weep,
Their smiles are unconscious; deep asleep.

Friday, December 02, 2011

For Nirvana

For Nirvana

They walk to infinity,
With a swollen feet.
On a vision vast as vales,
They sail slow by snails.

To the hut of himalayas,
From the bazaars that babble.
They approach to find,
The heaven's disguise to blind.

As the conscience craves once,
To search for life.
They move in the motors of machine,
As a bee to gum; they glue to green.

They sail where the sadhu's surrender,
Waive the wealth amassed and wander.
They head to the abode,
Far off their homes 'For Nirvana'.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

She Cried For The Candy floss...

She cried for the candy floss,
which fell on the ground,
and they brought her more of it,
She refused and said it won't fit.
She cried still, love bound.
Not ready to fill the loss,
Of love she had for her first candy floss.....

Saturday, October 01, 2011

For a man, And many men...Who traveled, And left then !!

Some words thus thoughts thus affections thus hearts thus men are never Forgotten.

Such a man was Thoreau...
there is more to life than 'the seen', and thus exists, 'the felt' or 'the intuition' or 'the heart'.
I never read, and i haven't even read Thoreau....but still i feel that i have my affection that is reminded by my intuition to me time and again, for Thoreau. A connection, a bond, an invisible stream exists thereby, less of a definition...all felt each day. I have never read his works, except a few quoations of his. Yet during college, the only book i stumbled upon was Walden, untouched for 22 years in college library, i still did not read it yet kept it for all three years and thereafter....and got to know of my innermost reverence for 'a man who lived most earnestly all he said'.

I pay a tribute to him each day for the life he lived...a life based on beliefs he had. As seldom men come, men who live their beliefs, the beliefs they teach..and thoreau lived his belief each.

I commemorate all the men who won't be forgotten and will be reminded to the mankind...by its sins and sorrows, by the joys in tomorrows..

A verse for such men and the affections that mankind will prosper evermore for them...

For some inherent affections that are fated to grow again,
as the sleeping waves come ashore; from ocean's heart deep.
there are forgotten words of history; that in after eras leap.
These affections; these men; thus, for all eternity remain..

And now a Verse, in  tribute of a man, my intuition reminds me of...To Thoreau,

O thoreau where thou art,
today this heartless society neigh,
seeketh wisdom in thy virtuous say;
of thy bygone era and a halcyon heart,
which once sunk in oblivion as a misfit lay.
Is a sage revered by fellow men today.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Wind and The Rose

The bloom came to the red rose and its smell spread all the more.
Smitten all sudden, it blushed in beauty that sleepless nights brought,
The red rose gushed to itself in joy; O wind your love it only sought.
And one day to kiss the longing rose, the veiled wind beauty wore,
the rose surrendered to the wind, it fell from glory; unaware of the lure.
the rose lost life; left eternity to its name,
whenever the beauty of wind was talked, the scarifice of flower came.
Now a new season awaits ahead of the rose of yore,
When another young rose will love the wind like never before.

Monday, February 07, 2011

O February !!

O february!! thou arrival has led,
To the growing beautiful buds blithesome;
that would soon young flowers become.
And unto horizons, their colourful beauty spread.
Their sweet scent would senses evoke,
Of my bewildered race; lost menfolk.