Poetry that joys the heart,
and makes a man think astart..

Saturday, October 01, 2011

For a man, And many men...Who traveled, And left then !!

Some words thus thoughts thus affections thus hearts thus men are never Forgotten.

Such a man was Thoreau...
there is more to life than 'the seen', and thus exists, 'the felt' or 'the intuition' or 'the heart'.
I never read, and i haven't even read Thoreau....but still i feel that i have my affection that is reminded by my intuition to me time and again, for Thoreau. A connection, a bond, an invisible stream exists thereby, less of a definition...all felt each day. I have never read his works, except a few quoations of his. Yet during college, the only book i stumbled upon was Walden, untouched for 22 years in college library, i still did not read it yet kept it for all three years and thereafter....and got to know of my innermost reverence for 'a man who lived most earnestly all he said'.

I pay a tribute to him each day for the life he lived...a life based on beliefs he had. As seldom men come, men who live their beliefs, the beliefs they teach..and thoreau lived his belief each.

I commemorate all the men who won't be forgotten and will be reminded to the mankind...by its sins and sorrows, by the joys in tomorrows..

A verse for such men and the affections that mankind will prosper evermore for them...

For some inherent affections that are fated to grow again,
as the sleeping waves come ashore; from ocean's heart deep.
there are forgotten words of history; that in after eras leap.
These affections; these men; thus, for all eternity remain..

And now a Verse, in  tribute of a man, my intuition reminds me of...To Thoreau,

O thoreau where thou art,
today this heartless society neigh,
seeketh wisdom in thy virtuous say;
of thy bygone era and a halcyon heart,
which once sunk in oblivion as a misfit lay.
Is a sage revered by fellow men today.