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and makes a man think astart..

Friday, December 02, 2011

For Nirvana

For Nirvana

They walk to infinity,
With a swollen feet.
On a vision vast as vales,
They sail slow by snails.

To the hut of himalayas,
From the bazaars that babble.
They approach to find,
The heaven's disguise to blind.

As the conscience craves once,
To search for life.
They move in the motors of machine,
As a bee to gum; they glue to green.

They sail where the sadhu's surrender,
Waive the wealth amassed and wander.
They head to the abode,
Far off their homes 'For Nirvana'.


Anonymous said...

amazingly awesome work done by you MR.?????

deadpoet said...

Thanks for dedicating time in reading of the posts.

Dead Poet.

Unknown said...

just amazing!

deadpoet said...

thanks for reading and dedicating time.

Have happiness.

Dead Poet.

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