Poetry that joys the heart,
and makes a man think astart..

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Tree And The Wood Cutter

Tiny particles of sand, they would rise and fall;
by the passage of wind, summoned to the nature's call.
That turned one to cut the wood, and the other to give his all.
Both unaware at the birth of what they could become,
One lost to the whims of life, the other to life's way had come.

The wood cutter fell the trees; drawing axe and life,
No numbers of wood cut his agony, but grew his strife.
While the tree stood tall on purpose and fruits bade,
Severe to the shades of life, it prospered with its shade.
The tree and the wood cutter, thus of same tiny particles were made.

In belief one roamed and razed, tempted to the bait,
While the tree fixed to its faith, it served to sate.
The wood cutter crossed this wood too often, but this once his hunger rose best in time,
Lured all over by a tree, that blossomed; too in prime.

He took a decision to fell the tree, and the axe was drawn,
Of all decided in life, this at best moment was born;
destined. To make him aware of the plan,
A mellow voice appeared and spoke to the man.

“O man! thy greedy sins spread the sorrows afar
and incite the devout order, that afraid to war.
So cease the march to untimely doom and peace make,
before you anger it more, O man! come awake.

The bemused man was shaken and bothered in fear,
He kneeled before the tree, thus fell near.
Of guilts borne throughout the life, he pondered deep,
And on learning of the evils done, the woodcutter began to weep.

Conscious of the self and truth, he spoke to the tree,
"O silent bearer of fruitful virtues , thou so blessed be.
O humble tree, the eternal learner of the noble pursuits,
Unaffected to the numbing cold and torrid heat, steadfast to thy roots,
The quiet leader of selfless service, the great sage standing still,
thou embrace the blows of my greed, unyielding on the sacrificing will.
i tread onto greed, thou stand unmoved to the seed
And timely bloom in health and harmony, happily commanding over thy need
fecund, with fruits and wisdom, the inspirer whom upon i feed.
I abhor now the glories and greatness, the greed and gain
What beauty be that dies; no worthy and in vain.
It shines true when shared with all, however hard and plain,
I shall begin now, let us all unchain, let us all unchain."